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JG Transportation efficiently provides transportation services to all industrial and oilfield sites all across United States.

We proactively engage in providing services to all our customers nationwide in oilfield and agriculture hauling cargo in Upper and End dump trailers running intra and interstate transportation. The quality and reliability of our service will increase profit that will be reinvested in the company's growth. With the goal of building excellent customer relationships through meeting the specific request relating to cargo handling, driver preference and timely delivery. As we gain more experience and earn a reputation for reliable service the business will secure an edge over the competition. Our customers trust us as a reputable trucking company with their valuable cargo more than a new company quoting a lower price which we intend to accomplish by going the extra mile protecting our client's interest, therefore building a loyal base that rewards us with repeat business.

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what our customers say

  • This is a company who know all logistical aspects and its proper execution



  • I have been with this company for so many years that its a part and parcel of our business


    Freight Broker

  • They have one of the best business ethics and thats what I was looking for



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